In this new normal era, 80% of the commodity market is now online and will never look back. Who does not want to get his/her work done while sitting comfortably at home? Shopping and buying necessities have been made less time consuming, less expensive and much easier and comfortable for us by online E-commerce platforms. Eyug LLP is an Indian Ecommerce company which focuses on bringing a variety of products to worldwide customers. The company is initially focused on unique handicrafts products sales and expanding it to other categories such as fashion, home essentials, groceries , lifestyle products and many more. Eyug sales is one of India’s start up e-commerce marketplace. It was founded in 5th August 2020 and has offices in Kolhapur and Pune. It was founded by Mr.Pramod Jadhav.


1. To connect with one and all product manufacturers from all over India through our platform.
2. To provide an opportunity for local vendors to sell their products through EYug.
3. To help them to sell their products with the worth price.
4. To provide a user-friendly marketplace for all manufacturers/whole-sellers to Customers/Buyers.
5. To provide Customers/Buyer a user-friendly online purchase platform where they can enjoy shopping at one click.


“Bringing amazing culture in one place across India and the world” Throughout the journey of business, we source a wide range of quality products and we found gems. There are many unique products that are yet to be seen, well hand crafted, know-how in the making transferred from generation to generation, full of story and history and also can be used like a charm in daily life. We thought if people can’t travel now, they can feel the culture in these products full of art, soul and effort the maker put into one piece of products. India is so rich with diversity, each location in India will have these useful pieces of art there and we thought the world should see it too. We connect with manufacturers from each location in India for their unique product, put them in our platform and are ready to ship these cultures and experiences across the world.

Our Platform

Even though the products are hand crafted, we promise the highest quality and certainly, originality. With fast delivery within 7 days, replacement and product guarantee, customers will have zero risk of ordering from us and get full 100% value of products.


Eyug guided by 4 major principles
1) Customer focus with excellence of services.
2) Customer centric work for any decisions .
3) Better work environment for smart people.
EYUG provides shopping options for people of all ages with their choices and priorities. Shopping on 1 click with customers reviews with 100% originality with guarantee provided by Manufacturers. So keeping priority upfront of ‘TRUSTED PRODUCTS’ for shoppers along with their happiness. We all EYUG members welcome all shoppers on their own claimed shopping platform. Every startup has a chance to change the world, by bringing not just a new product, but an entirely new trend into existence…That is what we do.


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