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Our Approach: Eyug is simply not selling any products, but also a place where you will get the aroma of our cultural value. We showcase our brand experiences, our ethics, history, and unique experience from one place to around the world. The rich cultural heritage passed on from generations is providing enormous growth to the handicraft industry.

TYPES OF accessories

• Leather Chappal from Kolhapur

Leather Products: India is the second-largest country in the world for the production of leather products. Leather bags, chappals etc are major products.

• Silver Ornaments from Hupari-

Silver and Brass Products: Kolhapur district of Maharashtra is rich in the silver ornaments-making industry since the 13th century. The Hupari city of Kolhapur district is also called the Silver city of India.

• Blue Pottery

Crockeries Products: For 100 years the art of making pottery in India has flourished from generation to generation. They are providing potteries with beautiful enhancement with eye-catchy colours and elegant designs.

• Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir

Kashmiri products: Through the ages, products like pashmina shawls, Zari embroidered fabrics etc. are very famous in Kashmir and it is blooming for generations. These lovely treasures are found in certain parts of our Country. There was a strong urge to travel to famous cities in search of these unique products. But now no worries, Eyug is an e-commerce platform bringing them all to your doorsteps. Eyug offers you a user-friendly and secure online shopping experience where you may shop with just a single click.

• Our Services:

We are providing 100% genuine products from conventional places with our veritable sources.

We are better and faster at delivery of our exclusive products with minimal charges.

We are providing eco-friendly and trustworthy connections between you and sellers. So that you can get your favourite products with just one click.

Closing the Gap :

Due to the long distance between you and the manufacturers, cultural heritage from previous generations must be kept inside particular bounds or in a specific area. Eyug is now in charge of closing the gap. Eyug will provide you with a diverse handicraft market, as well as a large opportunity for the seller to share their culture and rich legacy with you.

Building Bonds:

Good communication is always the link between clarity and ambiguity. And the good relationship is just a result of it. There is no debate about which product is good or how you view the product. It’s our promises and how we keep them that sets us apart. That only leads us to the finest possible experience on the way to the connection. Allow us to serve you with a wide variety of exclusive products from peculiar areas of India. Your trust matters to us a lot.

The Support We Provide: After you place your order, the item will be delivered to your specified address within the specified time limit. You must create videos while opening. As a result, if the item is defective, it will be simple to replace it.

Eyug believes in giving the best service and solving issues and queries, if our customers have any. Write to us at care@eyug.in if our customers have suggestions or recommendations, we would like to hear them.