Aroma Diffuser Handcrafted



  • Available in blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Green colour.

  • Size: 5.5inch
  • Completely handmade.

  • Uses for aroma.

  • Having 10 years of warranty.

  • Made up of quartz, katira, glass powder, sajji and clay.

  • Easy to use.

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HANDMADE- This aromatic blue diffuser is completely handmade by artisans in different parts of India especially in Rajasthan.

MATERIAL USED-  The materials like quartz, katira, glass powder, sajji mixed with some clay are used to make this unique diffuser.

QUALITY- When it comes to quality, E-yug guarantees 10 years of usage for this product.

UNIQUENESS- The complete handmade product, and its design makes it a unique one.


This aroma blue diffuser is the path to peace and meditations. It lets the air around you deliver a suitably light and refreshing fragrance to your home interiors. It also revitalizes your mind, body and soul. Also, creates a truly meaningful and memorable experience for you and your loved ones. well- being in its purest state, it is an ideal way to keep your home fresh and smelling divine every time. It also makes a decorative display with the flickering flame of the light that captures and cast a warm glow of the carving on the surface.

How to Use:

This aroma blue diffuser is easy to use.

  • Put a spoon of water on the top surface.

  • Add few drops of oil into the bowl.

  • Light the small candle below.

The tea light will warm up the essential oil in the saucer to diffuse the aroma and fragrance.

Weight 0.5 kg

Blue, Green, Sky Blue, Yellow


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