Item Weight (in Kg) : 0.2
Package Dimensions (L X B X H) (in Cms) : 5*3*1
Product Guarantee : 10yrs
Product Warranty : 10yrs
Product Disclaimer : Soap Dish
Manufacturer Name : Ram Gopal Saini
Country of Origin : India

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Blue Pottery is a traditional craft of Turko-Persian region, it’s seed was planted in Jaipur, Rajasthan (India), in the 19th century. Since then Blue Pottery has bloomed and flourished exclusively in Jaipur. It was registered under Geographical Indication handicrafts in 2009 and is popularly known as “Jaipur Blue Pottery”. Quartz stone and glass as it’s main ingredients, Blue Pottery uses low-fired glaze, which makes it unique and markedly distinct from other forms of pottery. Each item of Blue Pottery goes through 42 manual processes over a period of 20-25 days until the finished product is ready. Blue Pottery is known for it’s lustre. Unlike ceramics, it’s sheen last for a minimum of 800 years!”. Shilp Guru Gopal Saini is a president awarded artist. With untiring and sustained painstaking efforts of whom, the art of Blue Pottery has gained new momentum and has reached to unfathomable heights of excellence. Shri Saini has been awarded numerous awards. To name few; shilp Guru award (2016)ministry of textiles, Government of India; national award (2009) , ministry of textiles, Government of India.


Blue-Brown mix, Blue-yellow mix, Yellow


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