Biscuit Paan Pure leather ladies Kolhapuri Chappal


  • 100% Pure Leather. Handmade.
  • Triangle Design paan (Leaf)shape art work.
  • It is brown coloured with platform heels.
  • Comfortable footwear for women.
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The chappal keeps eyes cool and is absorbs heat from body. The chappal is “2 Talli” ie. of 2 layers. It is pure hand made product. It is brown coloured with platform heels. It has broad and bold biscuit or paan (leaf) shaped art work in between.In 12th century king Bijjala and his Prime Minister Basavanna encouraged Kolhapuri chappal production to uplift the cobbler community. All the names of chappal indicate the village where they were made. It takes up to six weeks to make a pair of Kolhapuri. It includes pattern making, cutting, stitching, decoration, polishing etc. Every Kolhapuri Chappal has its unique feature to count on. Kolhapuri Kapshi Chappal (Awaji) is a famous Chappal from Kolhapur.

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