Pink Colour Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal


  • Styling: Pink Color Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal is the pair of chappal which is very admirable.
  • Hand Work: Pink Color Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal is made by joining the paralleled bits of leather and sewing it with the narrow strings of leather which makes it comfortable and long lasting to the foot.
  • 100% Pure Leather and absorb heat.
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Pink Color Ladies Kolhapuri Chappal as they referred to as a style of open-toed, T-strap sandal which originated from Kolhapur, a southern district in the state of Maharashtra. Chappals made in Kapsi reason they have acquired such a name and, some claim these chappals originated from Kolhapur. Chappal produces sound when worn and strolled. Kolhapuri Chappal is Basic & Calm in looks, agreeable in feel, made with hands, and of immaculately leather. Accessible in four unique hues can create great sound when strolling. Kolhapuri Chappal stacked with natural product seeds inside. Additionally, enlivened with the Jari (Golden Thread) on the strap, this is well qualified in improving your identity.

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Raj Kamal


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