Pudha Kapshi Pure Leather Kolhapuri Chappal


  • Sophisticated Design.
  • 100% Pure Leather, handmade and eco friendly Chappal.
  • Open toe, T-strap, Fissure cut outs and closed toe verities.
  • This tan colour will look very graceful with any casual and formal wear.
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Kolhapuri chappal is Pure leather footwear is talk of the world since the 17th century. It is popular for its unique and authentic design and it is made with hands from pure leather. Kolhapuri chappal is widely known for its beautiful look and durability; it is also recognized for its medicinal benefits. Kolhapuri Kapshi Chappal (Awaji) is a famous Chappal from Kolhapur. Composed and made in Kapshi close Kolhapur, this Chappal is named after the town and accompanies the additional element like sound. This Chappal produces sound when worn and strolled. The chappal is “2 Talli” ie. of 2 layers. Attractive traditional look, Kolhapuri chappal is very attractive to wear in & will make a style statement.

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Raj Kamal


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